SteriPen Traveler Water Purifier – Great Value On Water Purification

[amazon_link id=”B0041EB6EU” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]SteriPEN Traveler 3-in-1 Water Purifier, Blue[/amazon_link]When it comes to value, the SteriPen Traveler water purifier is one of the best values on the market today in the arena of water purification. And this is something that every backpacker should be ready with while on the trail. Fresh, clean water is vital and essential for survival, and essential for an enjoyable backpacking trip. SteriPen’s technologies are ground-breaking with respects to water purification techniques, and the ease¬†with which the¬†SteriPen Traveler purifies a Liter of water is incredible. Let’s look at some of the features and highlights of this water purifier below.


The SteriPen Traveler water purifier system consists of a small ‘pen’ sized apparatus 7.6 inches in longest dimension weighing 5.7 ounces (including 4 AA sized lithium batteries). The idea behind the SteriPen is to zap your unclean water with UV light for a certain amount of time. This kills all the microorganisms inside your drinking water, rendering it safe to drink. The life of the batteries depends on their quality. Lithium or Nickel Metal Hydride AA batteries are recommended, and will generally give approximately 200 uses. The UV light bulb is rated for 3,000 treatments, which is an incredible lifetime compared to the life of a water filter.

The most amazing feature of the SteriPen is the taste of the water you get. It is completely unfiltered or untreated with chemicals. We all know what iodine pills or chlorine does to the taste of water. Filter removes not only microorganisms, but also the material in water that adds natural flavor. So chemicals add bad taste to water, and filtering removes the particles that give water a good flavor. The SteriPen Traveler just kills the harmful microbes in your water, leaving alone the taste. Note – You will still want to pre-filter your water with a handkerchief or coffee filter to remove sand and sediment.

Backpacking Samurai Thoughts

The SteriPen Traveler water purifier is one of the best values of water purification on the market today. It is so easy to use, and all it takes is 90 seconds for 1 Liter to be completely safe to drink. There are no messy hoses to attach, and no water to pump through a filter. Just fill your bottle, dip in the UV bulb, gently stir for 90 seconds until the light goes off, and viol la! You have fresh, clean water to re-hydrate with. Click the following link to purchase your SteriPen Traveler water purifier today!

[amazon_link id=”B0041EB6EU” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]SteriPen Traveler Water Purifier[/amazon_link]