Arcteryx Bora 95 Backpack Sizing Guide

Arcteryx Bora 95If you are thinking about purchasing an Arcteryx Bora 95 or 80, you will want to follow these fitting guidelines to make sure that you purchase the right size. The Bora line of backpacks from Arcteryx come in short, regular, or tall sizes, and it is important to make sure that your torso length matches the model that you purchase. Notice in the image below the different lengths of the support system for Arcteryx backpacks.

Arcteryx Pack Sizes

It is important that you do not choose your backpack based on the interior space, but that you choose a pack that will fit your body. The fit of your pack against your back is the most important consideration when choosing a pack, and will ensure that you have enjoyable and comfortable hiking experiences.

To determine which size is right for you, you will first need to measure your torso length from your C7 vertebrae to your hip crest. Your C7 vertebrae juts out from your spine where your neck meets your back. It is easy to feel; just lean your head forward and your C7 is the bone poking out the farthest. Your hip crest is also easy to find; find your hip bones at your sides, and trace it back to the small indentation in your back. The following image will help you to get the measurement right.

Measure Your Torso Length

Once you have measured your torso length, find where your pack falls on the Arcteryx sizing charts found below (or you can download at this link – Arcteryx Pack Sizing Chart)

Arcteryx Bora 80 Sizing Chart


Arcteryx Bora 95 Sizing ChartThere is pretty good overlap in these measurements, so if your torso length falls in the overlap, it is better to go with the smaller sized pack. Match your torso length to the above charts, and viol-la! You are now ready to purchase the right sized pack for you!

Click on this link to buy the Arcteryx Bora 95 Pack or the Arcteryx Bora 80 Pack.